February 25, 2018


Linda Lee, Website Designer, Speaker, Author, Askmepc-webdesign, Expert Marketing OnlineLinda Lee started her online career in 1999 selling e-books on eBay. Selling over 300 e-books a week  Linda quickly became one of the top e-book sellers. She also learned how to write her own ads, use Paypal and work with images. This turned out to be the road-map into Web Design. With an extensive sales and marketing background in her “before kids” period, she possesses a unique blend for a Web Designer. Sales, Marketing and geekdom all mixed together.

“I enjoy creating clean, striking yet uncluttered and easy to navigate websites. People will leave your website within 3 seconds if they do not like how it looks or are unable to find what they came there for. You need to make sure your website is functional and meeting the needs of your clients/readers/customers.

With Google’s introduction of search preview, your website “look” is going to be more important then ever.

People will now hover over that preview box and look at your site in a small preview image. A straight text site, a flash site and some old school designs will not translate well”.

A popular speaker, you can find her event schedule here.


Watch Linda’s recent series on blogging on Disney’s  ABC KGO Channel 7 here.

Linda will help you update, design and bring your ideas and websites or blogs into the 21st century.
As your web business consultant, she will evaluate your site and business needs and create a plan to help promote and drive traffic to your website and find ways to create income online.
Please visit her portfolio page here .
Offering training and consulting , remote training online, training memberships and videos, you can learn new skills or sharpen up ones you already possess.

With her remote training, you will be able to log on to your computer will work together.
Linda Lee has clients all around the world. China, Australia, England, Scotland, Sweden, Canada and all over the United States.

Utilizing Skype , remote access and the phone to help and support clients.

Smart Women Stupid Computers by Linda LeeLinda Lee is finishing her current book,
Smart Women Stupid Computers, The Savvy Guide to Using the Internet.

Due out in 2011.

Linda Lee | Professional Speaker|TV|Web Design| AuthorA crowd pleasing speaker  Linda says, “I am writing this book to help all the people I talk to everyday. Many feel overwhelmed by technology. I create websites and blogs for people and they need help working online with basic daily tasks.

My goal is put a book in their hands where they can open it up and find help at their fingertips.

Linda Lee is also the Volunteer Director for the San Francsico Writers Conference,
Writing for Change conference and the
Midsummer Mozart Conference
Involved with WordCamp San Fransisco and webmaster for numerous non profits.